For over 20 years The Finneys have had their own studio. The picture on the right is our current in-home studio. It is in this room that we compose the tracks for our songs, and also occasionally we help other singer/song writers with their ideas. After a song is written and composed, we generally lay down the rhythm tracks and mix them down to mp3 format or audio CD. We use these tracks to sing with while we are ministering, and usually John plays guitar, harmonica, or keyboard along with the tracks.

Fender Telecaster

If you would like to know more about our studio, or just "talk shop", just call John at 804-754-6350, or send him an Email Us and he will respond.

The FINNEYS also have a boatload of live sound reinforcement equipment. John enjoys mixing live sound for all day Gospel music events, church specials, etc.
John has also been putting together a Christian Karaoke ministry. So many people want to sing for the Lord, but so few are ever chosen to do so, in most churches. Then, even those who sing regularly only get to sing once or twice every month or so. This ministry will give anyone who wants to sing a chance! This could be used for events such as a 5th Sunday night music service, or other special events. Just call or email if you have any questions!

Finney's Studio

Equipment list:

  • PC w/Sonar hard disk recording software
  • Sound Forge mastering software
  • Zoom L-12 interface
  • Beringer Truth studio monitors
  • Zoom HD-16 Sixteen track portable HD recorder
  • Audio Technica 4050 large diaphram condenser mike
  • Various dynamic and small condenser mikes
  • Various guitars, basses, dobro, harmonicas
  • Much more!

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