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So far 2018 has been challenging, but God is at work! On Sept 15, 2017 Frankie had a stroke while on stage. We had been singing about an hour or so, and while she was singing the invitation song, Frankie felt something "explode" in her head. We realized shortly afterwards that it must have been a stroke. We went immediately to the hospital, and found that she had a severe brain bleed. That led to brain surgery and six weeks in rehab.
The stroke affected her left side, with paralysis, and blindness on the left side in both eyes. We feel that the devil must not have liked that song she was singing, "Save Them Lord", and tried to end our ministry. But, God had other plans! His people rallied to pray for Frankie, and now she is a walking-talking miracle, testifying to what God has done! Her voice was not affected by the stroke, and she sings now with a fresh annointing.

Please continue to pray, Frankie needs a knee replacement, and in April she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She had the surgery and will start radiation in a couple of weeks.That means the knee surgery will have to wait until later in the fall.

Franke lives to sing, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ is foremost on her mind. So far we have not missed any concerts, and Frankie wants to sing every one coming up, and intends to do so as the Lord enables. She is happy, upbeat, and not worrying about any of this. After hearing the cancer diagnosis, she thought for a minute and stated, "That's Just Another Hill That I'm Climbing". So, guess what her newest song is?? Try to catch one of our concerts, Frankie is able to share more about all that God did through all of this. Thank you for your prayers!!!

Please continue to pray for us, for traveling mercies as we run up and down the road, and pray for more opportunities for The Finneys to minister in 2018.

May God bless you, and thanks to our family, friends, and fans, for supporting us and for praying for us. It really means a lot to Frankie & me, and know that we love you and pray for you all!


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A Short Bio...

Who are The FINNEYS? Based in Midlothian Virginia, John and Frankie began singing together before they were married in 1987. It is obvious that the Lord had a plan when he played matchmaker for this couple, the most common compliment that they receive is how well their voices blend together. Then of course, it just makes sense, right? Frankie and Johnny??
The FINNEYS have traveled thousands of miles over the last few decades, up and down the east coast, with a burning passion for encouraging others through their music and testimony.
The Finneys first CD project, On The Right Track which was released in March 2012 got things rolling for The Finneys. Then, in 2013 two more projects were completed - You Asked For It and Christmas With The Finneys. And, Lord willing, they're not done yet!

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Take your time, look around the site, and leave us a message. We would love your questions, comments, suggestions, encouragement, and most of all, your prayers. Nothing is more important to this ministry than prayers lifted up to Heaven asking the God of the Universe to bless our ministry. Please pray for souls to be won for Jesus, lives to be changed, and opportunities to sing. Pray for protection from physical harm as well as protection from spiritual warfare from the adversary. And please let us know if you need prayer, we would like to pray for you!
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